Prison overcrowding, abuse of pretrial detention, excessive trial length, wastefulness and inefficiency, the continuing crime of torture: these are just some of the many pathological conditions affecting the Italian criminal justice system which have lead to violations of civil rights and liberties in our country.

In Italy, justice is not equal for all - at all. Justice has different faces according to one's ethnicity, nationality and income. Justice is extremely expensive, and extremely slow.

We decided to start by advocating for a drug policy reform: among our aims is the adoption of a new legislative framework which addresses key issues, such as the need for detention policies and stronger safeguards for fundamental rights as well as the need for ensuring health rights through a prevention-based approach.

Immigrants’s rights and detention: the sad end in the khlaifia’s case

On 2 December, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe officially closed the supervisory procedure for the implementation of measures ordered in the Khlaifia v. Italy judgment. of the European Court of Human Rights. ASGI,…

Drug policy
The war on drugs has blatantly failed, its harsh policies of criminalization and mass incarceration having proved incapable of producing the expected results.

According to UNDOC, the UN agency dealing with drugs and crime, despite the enormous amount of money spent on the war on drugs - about more than 1,000 billion dollars - illegal drugs are used by 270 million people worldwide. This ensures an income of more than 330 billion a year to drug cartels. The war on drugs is making criminals richer than ever while depriving citizens of their right to health and stigmatizing (rather than helping) consumers.

Many governments have acknowledged this and decided to change their approach. We call for the Italian government to take a clear position on the need to end the war on drugs, starting with the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis.

Through our campaign Non Me La Spacci Giusta we aim to stimulate a non-ideological public debate by providing data, information and in-depth analysis on the topic.
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