What we do

We are a national network of civil society organizations that work to protect and expand civil rights and freedoms guaranteed to all by the Italian Constitution as well as international conventions and treaties.

To this end we are running public campaigns for policy change, lobbying governments and international bodies and taking cases to court.

Asylum & international protection

We work to create an informed and fact-based debate and to affirm the dignity and rights of refugees and migrants through projects such as Open Migration.


We focus on the inclusion of migrants and on the improvement of their conditions. We demand the approval of a new citizenship law and better access to healthcare services.

Equality and anti-discrimination

We want to overcome discrimination, exclusion and violence and support people who are discriminated against with public education, outreach and cultural initiatives.


We want the Italian government to decriminalize the use of drugs. Our platform for drug policy reform supports a non-ideological debate by offering information and analyses on drugs consumption and legal cases.

Civil liberties in the digital age

We defend freedom of expression and the right to privacy, and fight against mass surveillance. We ask for accountability on the export of technologies that might be used to violate human rights.

National security

We aim to raise awareness and ignite a public debate while calling on Italy to comply with international law and human rights standards in counter-terrorism operations.

Recent posts

CILD joins civil society coalition’s call for stronger EU export controls

Earlier today, CILD, together with Access Now, Amnesty International, Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Digitale Gesellschaft, Elektronisk Forpost Norge (EFN),…

Initiatives and Events

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by Patrizio Gonnella, president of CILD and Associazione Antigone The chance to keep fighting as a free man: here is what must be guaranteed to ...
Heroes of human rights, step forward! Following the success of last year’s edition, we are launching the second annual CILD Award for Freedom and Civil ...
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A few months ago, the newly elected President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte launched a bloody war on drugs, with a rising number of extrajudicial ...

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Understanding through data, advocating for dignity

Smart information for a global drug policy reform

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Combining strategic advocacy with strategic litigation


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