Civic participation
Active participation in democratic life, we believe, cannot be expressed only by voting in elections. Our democracy is based on the diversity of views and cultures that all who are involved in civil society express through thousands of forms of representation, mobilisation and activism for the common good.

Intermediate bodies - whose value our Constitution recognises - play a fundamental function of synthesis and mediation in the relationship between citizens and institutions. When they are bearers of common and shared interests, they themselves become institutions as they guarantee representation and inclusion.

This is why their associative freedom and their daily action must be continuously protected from dangerous anti-democratic and anti-constitutional drifts, and their space for civic action defended and strengthened.

CILD has chosen to do this through its communication activities with campaigns such as Amarsi Un Po', a media academy and a narrative lab to offer training opportunities on the topic of narrative change and with the promotion of new and new leaders who are emerging and making our society more dynamic and open.