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Founded in 2014, the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights (or CILD) is a network of civil society organizations that protects and expands the rights and liberties of all, through a combination of advocacy, public education and legal action.


Freedoms and civil rights are intimately connected. They are interdependent and indivisible. Through their promotion and protection, one contributes to the establishment of a stronger, more cohesive and equal society.

We are all free because we are all the same and yet, at the same time, different.

Freedom is self-determination. Freedom is the recognition of one’s own identity. Freedom is integration. Freedom never comes into conflict with equality.

In Italy, we have gone through a long period of time in which certain kinds of language, practices and political choices based on random circumstances and concepts of public nuisance have prevailed but which, thankfully, have put civil freedoms and human rights into perspective.

On this basis — which has profound cultural, political and social foundations — a large number of Italian civil society organizations decided to give life to CILD: the Italian Coalition for Civil Rights and Freedoms.

We are involved in many important issues and all are precipitated by the same political logic and cultural background:

1. The fight against racism and xenophobia including our disagreement with every form of discrimination based on sexuality or gender and the overcoming of all prejudice as regards the Roma, Sinti and Caminanti.

2. A change of perspective on immigration; seeing it not as a question of criminality but in terms of the right to asylum and our duty to welcome refugees up through the expansion of citizenship.

3: The construction of a penal and penitentiary system which is less random and more respectful of rights, with the legalisation of drugs as an ethical choice in direct response to what we consider criminal policies.

4. Our participation as citizens in a public system that is respectful of privacy and not obsessed with mass surveillance while fighting against corruption and for transparency in the public administration.

Establishing a true coalition means that not a single part loses its individual identity. On the contrary: the many associations that have given life to the Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights are united in enriching this vision of an open society and one that is more respectful of the rights of all. We desire to expand people’s knowledge, civil identity and awareness of their rights.

We will speak with Italian and European institutions and the media while at the same time confronting public opinion and all that such entails, the fears as well as the hopes, the prejudices as well as the dreams of all. Because defending and recognising civil rights means constructing a better society.



Arturo Salerni
CILD President, Progetto Diritti Board of Directors
Laura Liberto
CILD Vicepresident, CittadinanzAttiva National Direction
Flavio Romani
Indipendent member
Susanna Marietti
Antigone National Coordinator
Tamar Pitch
Indipendent member
Gabriele Piazzoni
Arcigay National Secretary
Leonardo Fiorentini
Forum Droghe Secretary


Andrea Menapace
Founder and Executive Director
Andrea is the executive director of CILD. He previously worked for the Transparency & Accountability Initiative in London and was a researcher on Italy at the Open Government Partnership. Consistently active in the field of human rights, he began his career as a humanitarian worker before becoming a consultant and researcher for governments as well as non-governmental and international organisations. The co-founder of Diritto Di Sapere (Right To Know), the first Italian organisation working on the right of access to information, he graduated in law at the University of Trento.
Patrizio Gonnella
Legal Director
Patrizio is a Professor of Sociology and Philosophy of Law at Roma Tre University. He is also the President of Antigone and has written numerous essays and books on criminal justice, human rights and rights and conditions in prisons. From 2014 to 2019 he was President of CILD and is one of the most ardent supporters of CILD’s upcoming Centre for Constitutional Rights.
Andrea Oleandri
Chief Operating Officer
Andrea has worked for CILD since 2014, and as a journalist has previous experience in the media industry, working with several mastheads. He is also the Co-Director of CILD’s Narrative Lab. He was previously also on the staff of the Mayor of the Municipality of Pomezia. Since 2014, he has also held the role of Press Officer and Social Media Manager for Antigone.
Fabi Fugazza
Chief Operating Officer
Fabi is a lawyer and organisational management expert with extensive experience in not-for-profit leadership. With undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications across law, marketing and management, she has worked in non-profit organisations for over a decade across three continents and teaches human rights law, business law, and business strategy to undergraduate and Master’s cohorts between two Australian-based universities. At CILD Fabi leads strategy and development, worked extensively on CILD’s Covid-19 response and recovery activities and works within the legal team to progress its initiatives.
Gennaro Santoro
Gennaro works as CILD’s primary legal advisor and is a lawyer who specialises in criminal law, human rights protection, and immigration law. Gennaro is a legal expert for the National Guarantor for the Rights of Persons Deprived of Liberty and is the Legal Advisor for the Lazio Regional Guarantor for the Rights of Persons Detained or Deprived of Liberty. He is also a board member of Antigone.
Tommaso Fusco
Media officer
Tommaso has been with CILD since 2017 and is a graduate of international relations from Sapienza University of Rome. Before working at CILD he worked in the Lobbying and Advocacy office of Caritas Internationalis and, as an intern, with the Asociación para las Naciones Unidas en España focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals. As CILD’s Media Officer, Tommaso supports the communication office in managing content for CILD, Amarsi un po’ and Open Migration, while also managing CILD’s social media.
Valentina Muglia
Project and Operations Assistant
Valentina has worked for CILD since 2020 as a Project and Operations Assistant and graduated in Law from the University of Roma Tre. Before working in human rights she was active in several student organisations and territorial associations.
Flaminia Delle Cese
Legal and Policy Officer
Flaminia is CILD’s Legal and Policy Officer, having graduated in law at Roma Tre University and having later obtained an LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of Essex, where she collaborated as a researcher within their Human Rights Centre clinic. Before joining CILD in 2018, she worked as an International Casework and Advocacy Intern for REDRESS in London and as an intern for the Statelessness Section at UNHCR in Geneva.
Andrea Colombo
Visual Designer
Since 2019 Andrea has worked with CILD, having more than a decade of experience in communications and design with other NGOs. Over the last few years, Andrea has developed CILD’s Brand Identity, Editorial Design and multiple digital communication projects for CILD.
Oiza Queensday Obasuyi
Junior researcher e program assistant
Oiza graduated in International Relations at the University of Macerata. Author of the book "Corpi estranei" ("Foreign Bodies") (People, 2020), her articles have appeared in publications such as The Vision and Internazionale, where she has focused on human rights, migration and the deconstruction of systemic racism. At CILD she is a content creator for the Open Migration platform and carries out research and project support in the areas of immigration, right to asylum, citizenship, anti-discrimination and inclusion.
Giulio Frigieri
Design Lead
Giulio spent the last 20 years in a variety of creative, technical and managerial roles across sectors, mostly on the strategy and design of data-led content, platforms, services and campaigns. Since 2014 he has delivered CILD’s brand identity and web design, as well as led creative strategy and communications design for its campaigns. He conceived the OpenMigration.org platform and its interactive data visualisation dashboard, and led design and implementation for same. More recently he led design, creative strategy and media partnerships for CILD’s Amarsi un Po’ campaign.



Founded by Luigi Manconi in 2001, A Buon Diritto aims to promote public issues related to rights provided for by Italian law but which have been insufficiently protected, obstructed or delayed.

Visit the official site: www.abuondiritto.it


The Associazione Nazionale Stampa Interculturale (National Association of Intercultural Press) is a specialist group within the National Federation of Italian Press (FNSI) promoted and represented by foreign journalists working in multicultural, widely distributed outlets throughout several Italian regions. It provides unionized protection, networking and self-organization for foreign journalists or would-be journalists. ANSI works to support accreditation, local bonding, institutional strengthening, access to resources and training opportunities for press operators while relying on good international practices.

Visit the official site: www.associazioneansi.org


An NGO for rights and provisions in the penal and penitentiary system, Antigone was founded in 1991. Named after the eponymous academic review, it arose in response to the state of emergency affecting the prison system and was launched – among others – by Massimo Cacciari, Stefano Rodotà, Mauro Palma and Rossana Rossanda. Its work is focused on human rights, justice and prisons.

Visit the official site: www.associazioneantigone.it


Heir to a long cooperative tradition and history of working-class and anti-Fascist movements that contributed to the establishment and consolidation of Italian constitutional democracy, ARCI is a large non-profit association with 5,000 local affiliates and over a million members. It is made up of men and women who have freely chosen to work for emancipation through self-organization and participation.

Visit the official site: www.arci.it


Arcigay is a non-profit association founded in 1985 that operates across the country through local committees and affiliates with the aim of achieving equality among people regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Visit the official site: www.arcigay.it


Founded by a pool of attorneys, legal experts and academics with the aim of creating awareness on all legal aspects of immigration, over the years the Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration has provided contributions on immigration, asylum and citizenship at a national and European level through advocating for the rights of foreign nationals in political debates as well as institutions.

Visit the official site: www.asgi.it


A non-profit organization dedicated to the rights of the Roma and Sinti communities in Italy mainly through the protection of the rights of children and the fight against all forms of discrimination and intolerance. It is recorded in the Registry of NGOs created by UNAR (National Office Against Racial Discrimination).

Visit the official site: www.21luglio.org


The Luca Coscioni Association for the freedom of scientific research is a non-profit association as well as a constituent element of the Radical Party. It was founded in 2002 by Luca Coscioni, a Radical Party leader and university professor who suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The association advocates freedom of treatment and scientific research and supports the human, civil and political rights of the diseased and disabled, including end-of-life care and choices.

Visit the official site: www.associazionelucacoscioni.it


A non-profit organization founded in 2004 by volunteer attorneys particularly sensitive to issues of fundamental rights in the practice of law together with private institutions, it provides help at various levels–free legal assistance, the promotion of  “strategic causes”, legal training for volunteers and operators–while campaigning for socially relevant issues.

Visit the official site: www.avvocatiperniente.it/


The association Certi Diritti (an affiliate of the Radical Party) was founded at the Rome office of the European Parliament in March 2008 as a centre for non-violent political and juridical initiatives advocating for civil rights, responsibility and individual sexual freedom. Since 2012 it has been one of the constituent elements of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty.
Visit the official site: www.certidiritti.org


A non-profit cultural organization founded in 1993 by Rinaldo Bontempi (then a member of the European Parliament), the European Initiative Centre of Piedmont aims at building a common European culture through information, cultural debate, training and research.

Visit the official site: www.ciepiemonte.it


Solidarity and Cooperation CIPSI is a national network founded in 1985. Connecting 28 NGOs and associations operating in the field of solidarity and international cooperation, CIPSI coordinates and promotes national awareness campaigns, solidarity initiatives and partnership-based programmes.

Visit the official site: www.cipsi.it


The Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) is an independent humanitarian organization founded in 1990 in Italy, at the initiative of the United Nations.
It works to promote access to the protection of people fleeing war and persecution and to help build conditions of dignified integration, in full respect of human rights.
It operates on a national and European level as well as in North Africa, in coordination with other civil society organizations, through a network of legal professionals, social workers, cultural mediators, doctors and psychologists.
In 25 years, the CIR has assisted over 120 thousand people, and helped to approximately 4,000 victims of torture.
Visit the official site: http://www.cir-onlus.org/it/


A movement for civic participation founded in 1978 working for the promotion and protection of citizen and consumer rights in Italy (with 20 local affiliates and about 250 local assemblies) and Europe. Since 2000 it has been recognized by the National Council of Consumers and Users (chaired by the Ministry of Economic Development) as a consumer association.

Visit the official site: www.cittadinanzattiva.it


Cittadini del Mondo works to oppose all forms of discrimination and social exclusion, to fight all forms of racism and to achieve the equal treatment of immigrants by promoting knowledge and the interaction of different peoples and cultures through actively supporting the integration of foreign citizens into Italian society. It also operates in the field of cooperation with developing countries.

Visit the official site: www.associazionecittadinidelmondo.it


Founded in 1983, COSPE is a private, non-profit, non-religious association. It operates in 30 countries worldwide through close to 150 projects involving thousands of men and women. It is working to bring about change that ensures fair and sustainable development, respect for human rights, peace and justice. COSPE is engaged in creating a world that values diversity and is made up of many voices, a world where social justice first and foremost means that everybody has access to equal rights and opportunities.

Visit the official site: www.cospe.org


A non-profit association with no political affiliations, DIRITTO DI SAPERE was created in 2012 thanks to the support of Open Society Foundations. It works to defend and expand the right of access to information.
Visit the official site: www.dirittodisapere.it


On the Road has been working since 1994 to protect the human and civil rights of women, men and children, focusing on the individuals, as well as on empowerment and social inclusion. The organisation fights against discrimination, exploitation and inequalities that cause exclusion. It works in the regions Marche, Abruzzo and Molise, in particular in the following areas: Trafficking and Exploitation, Migrants’ Reception, Gender Violence, Extreme Poverty, Training and Work, Mental Health, International Cooperation.

The website: http://www.ontheroadonlus.it/


The association K_Alma was founded in 2016 with the aim of pursuing, in a multicultural perspective, the promotion of liberties and the defense of the individual against any form of violation of fundamental rights. It supports a model of society based on peace, mutual respect and equality between people. K_Alma promotes projects aimed at disseminating new collaborative practices with the objective of pursuing eco-sustainability and the inclusion of disadvantaged people.

The website: http://www.k-alma.eu/


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Diversity is an association of people working to overcome prejudice and discrimination towards diversity in all its forms. Special attention is given to issues related to romantic and sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and different forms of family. Diversity operates mainly by providing training and spreading information. It is also the main organizer of the Diversity Media Awards, which are assigned every year to those media outlets and businesses that best represent diversity as a value.

Visit the official site: www.diversitylab.it


The Leone Moressa Foundation is a study and research institute which was created in 2002 by the Association of Artisans and Small Enterprises of Mestre CGIA. The Foundation has acquired specific skills as regards the study of migratory phenomena, and, in particular, the economic impact of immigration.

Visit the official site: www.fondazioneleonemoressa.org


Forum Droghe is a national association for social promotion founded in 1995. It is fighting for the reform of public drug policies beginning with the new social representation of both drugs and drug-users. The group’s objective is to curtail the penal approach to this issue and to support normalization instead, which in turn leads to users’ social integration.

Visit the official site: www.fuoriluogo.it


The Human Solidarity Group “Guido Puletti” is an NGO recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Founded as a volunteer group in 1993 and named after Guido Puletti (a journalist killed in Bosnia while delivering aid to the population affected by the Serbian-Bosnian conflict), GUS supports secularism, solidarity and social justice. It believes in providing first-hand relief to all, equal dignity for non-religious relief efforts, concreteness and humility. Believing strongly in cooperation, it is involved with development projects and emergency interventions in Africa, Latin America and Asia; in addition, it provides World Citizen Education, integration, training and volunteer work.

Visit the official site: www.gusitalia.it


The Hermes Centre for Transparency and Digital Human Rights is involved in promoting  and developing attention to transparency and accountability; its goal is to increase citizens’ involvement in the management of matters of public interest. It also supports and develops free software with the purpose of increasing freedom of speech online and, more generally, protecting rights and personal freedoms in a connected world. Its “GlobaLeaks” free whistleblowing software is just one example.
Visit the official site: www.logioshermes.org


Lunaria is a non-religious, non-profit association with no political affiliation, which was created in 1992. Through research, training and communication it works on issues relating to a fair economy and the third sector, migration and globalization and democracy and participation while also promoting international volunteer initiatives. Inspired by principles of justice and social solidarity, democratic participation in the life of the community and the defense of civil, social and human rights at a national as well as international level, Lunaria is active in experimenting with new models of active participation and social transformation.

Visit the official site: www.lunaria.org


The first independent Jewish LGBT organization in Italy, affiliated to the World Congress of LGBT Jews (Keshet Ga’avah), the world network connecting the most important Jewish LGBT organizations across North and South America, Europe and Israel. MDKI was founded on 1 July 2015 to promote the full equality of LGBT people throughout Jewish communities and beyond and is based on the Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam: the pledge to correct injustice as far as is humanly possible. Working mainly with young people for over 40 years in Europe, North and South America and Israel, the organization helps people in the process of personal emancipation and letting them know that they can be both good Jews as well as LGBT people.


A consumer association working for the rights of citizens founded in Rome in 1987 without any affiliation to political parties or trade unions. Through the work of its experts, it offers consumers information and assistance as well as legal tools.

Visit the official site: www.difesadelcittadino.it


Naga is a non-religious volunteer association with no political affiliations, established in Milan in 1987 with the goal of promoting and protecting the rights of all foreign, Roma and Sinti citizens. Naga recognizes the right to health as an unalienable right of the individual.

Visit the official site: www.naga.it


Parsec is a structure specialized in social research and the study of individual, group, organized and collective human behaviour. The scientific work of analysis and investigation is focused on immigration and asylum, trafficking and prostitution, drug addiction and young users. At a macro level, in recent years the focus has also been on social economics, sustainable local development, social innovation, territorial welfare and innovative evaluation models. Every project is aimed at defining new policies, promoting human and civil rights, building innovative intervention systems and devising sustainable and effective services.

Visit the official site: www.parsec-consortium.it


Founded in 1992, the association works to protect the rights of low-income social groups and to support local development initiatives. It provides information and consulting services for immigrant citizens, low-income suburban residents, workers, the disabled and unemployed citizens. It is also involved in issues of asylum regulations.
Visit the official site: www.progettodiritti.it


The Lenford Network – Legal professionals for LGBTI is a network created in 2007 with the aim of developing and spreading a culture of respect for the rights of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) people. The association promotes the study and the knowledge of issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity among all legal professionals, encouraging diversity.

Visit the official site: www.retelenford.it


The association aims to build a movement of citizens that can influence opinions through common sense in order to create a more sympathetic, non-authoritarian society. Its objectives are to research, study and create awareness on the issues of criminal law, rights and punishment.
Visit the official site: www.societadellaragione.it


SocietàINformazione was established in Milan in 2001 for the purposes of social solidarity. Among its objectives are the support of human rights and being involved in environmental and social exclusion issues. The association works mainly through research, study and cultural promotion on the protection of human, social and civil rights and the environment.

Visit the official site: www.societainformazione.info


The Cultural Foundation TEFA Colombia works in the field of international cooperation as a partner of the Columbian TEFA NGO. Its objective is to incentivize educational processes by promoting cooperation and development activities while at the same time safeguarding the environment and the territory. All of this benefits the quality of life of the population of San Juan Nepomuceno Bolivar in Northern Colombia through sustainable community projects such as beekeeping, responsible tourism, environment protection, education, training and special social programmes.

Visit the official site: http://www.tefacolombiaonlus.org


The Volunteers in Prisons association was founded in November 1994 by a group of volunteers from Caritas Rome with the aim of “following and guiding inmates serving out their term of imprisonment during the delicate transition phase from criminal behaviour to civil cohabitation, supporting the human rights of the individual and relieving needs through the genuine testimony of a new way of living.” (as quoted in the association’s statute).
Visit the official site: http://www.vic-caritas.org


Established in 2014 by a group of talented Sicilian youth, Zabbara aims to invert the trend of cultural, economic and social impoverishment in Sicily. Zabbara intends to establish solid relations with various regions in order to share experiences and expertise while at the same time creating new opportunities for social cohesion, change and professional growth. In particular, Zabbara intends to work on social communication, documentaries, arts, city planning and the promotion of human rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region and the Middle East. The encounter between different languages and realities is aimed at finding sustainable practices to help tackle the issues affecting the region, with Sicily as a testing ground for Mediterranean reconciliation.
Visit the official site: www.zabbara.org


Bambini Senza Sbarre (Children Without Bars) defends the rights of children to the continuity of the emotional bond during the detention of a parent. The association carries out training and research in collaboration with Universities and with the Ministry of Justice. Bambini Senza Sbarre is a board member of the Children of Prisoners Europe network. It is also active in Italy with the Spazio Giallo (Yellow Space) reception model. It refers to the education system of the Ecole Relais Enfants Parents in Paris. In 2014 the association signed the first charter of the rights of the children of parents detained in Europe with the Minister of Justice and the the national Ombudsman Authority for Childhood and Adolescence. It is a consultant member of Ecosoc (UN).

The website: https://www.bambinisenzasbarre.org/


Sociologists, economists, philosophers, lawyers, researchers, free thinkers who for years dealing with study, plan and promote interventions aimed at supporting the introduction of a guaranteed income in Italy wanted to find on this site one tool for gathering ideas . The result is a network of different skills but move in the same direction, under a “common logo", that of " BIN Italy " because common is the goal towards the introduction of a Basic Income for everyone.

The website: https://www.bin-italia.org/chi-siamo/


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CILD is supported by Oak Foundation, Banca Etica, Social Change Initiative, Civitates, Open Society Foundations, Fred Foundation and individual donations. Since 2018, CILD has been part of different consortia that won calls for funding of the European Commission. The Coalition is part of several research projects and international think-tanks.