Asylum and international protection
Over the last decades, many people have come to Italy seeking protection because they have suffered persecution or are afraid that they will be harmed in their home country on the basis of their nationality, political views, race, religion or membership in a particular social group.

Those people are entitled to ask for international protection and asylum. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 14) states that everyone has the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution in other countries while the 1951 UN Refugee Convention protects refugees from being returned to countries where they risk persecution. As envisaged in Article 10 of our Constitution, this is a form of protection that the government may grant to individuals whose country prevents them from effectively exercising the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed in Italy.

Current Italian and EU migration policies continue to be focused on security, unlawful detention and deportation and there is a bipartisan unwillingness to provide a safe and legal way to enter the country.

We support refugee rights advocacy by carrying out research and disseminating data-driven information, reportage and compelling stories, expert opinions and interviews through our informational project Open Migration. We directly engage with the media to change the narrative about the refugee crisis, and we convene gatherings like 19 Million Project and Cities for All, focused on providing fair and sustainable solutions to this complex issue. Through our Italian Center for Legal Action we provide legal information and advice to refugees and support the work of lawyers who litigate to ensure that their fundamental rights are respected.

Immigrants’s rights and detention: the sad end in the khlaifia’s case

On 2 December, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe officially closed the supervisory procedure for the implementation of measures ordered in the Khlaifia v. Italy judgment. of the European Court of Human Rights. ASGI,…