#Parliamone, Youtubers and data to talk about migration

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Can we come up with a new way of talking about migrations and refugees? A new way, both accurate and engaging, that avoids sensationalism and clickbaiting, and lets us analyse such complex topics?

#Parliamone, an idea created by Noemi, a young and talented designer with a keen interest in social media, is fairly simple: it revolves around finding high quality content, strictly based on data free from any oversimplification or manipulation, and channelling it through efficient communication media to spread the message.

The core of this immigration-themed social media campaign is to demolish the many clichés on the topic of migration by pooling together a vast array of in-depth and accurate articles (with the supervision of our Open Migration project and Valigia Blu), along with important voices from the field.

The task of challenging and debunking prejudice and oversimplification on the topic of migration and refugees–like “We are being invaded!” or “They’re not really fleeing from war”–will be the focus of some very well know YouTubers. And, as you can expect, there will be a flurry of viral videos.

The Youtubers involved in the project
The Youtubers involved in the project

Hashtag? #Parliamone