The tragedy of people whose story is rarely told

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Like every year, we have decided to commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day with two events, both of which shall take place in the Senate of the Italian Republic, with the helpful and invaluable collaboration of the Extraordinary Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights.

We will focus on elaborating on the tragedy of people whose story is rarely told: the multitude of homosexuals and Romani people exterminated in the concentration camps.

On January 27, we will begin with a debate entitled “Deportation and internment. The stories of Romani women in the years of fascism”. The event is organised together with the Associazione 21 Luglio.

With the coordination of Carlo Stasolla (21 Luglio), the debate will feature panelists such as Luigi Manconi (president of the Senate Committee), Rosa Corbelletto (Università degli Studi di Torino), Licia Porcedda (École des hautes études en sciences sociales, in Paris) and Ivana Nikolic (a Romani activist), with a closing statement by Patrizio Gonnella (president of CILD). The event will take place at 11a.m. in the Sala Nassiriya, Piazza Madama 11.

The following day’s debate will be titled “The reasons for silence – the pink triangle in the Shoah”, organised together with Magen David Keshet Italia, the first independent Jewish organisation in Italy.

The event will start at 11 a.m. in the Sala Isma, Piazza Capranica 72. The main focus will be on remembering the persecution of homosexuals during the Nazi and fascist regimes, with a detailed analysis on its development and its tragic consequences.

Opening statements will be made by Sergio Lo Giudice (senator and member of the Senate Committee) and Patrizio Gonnella (president of CILD). The introduction and opening remarks will be made by Serafino Marco Fiammelli (president of MDKI). The debate will be coordinated by Raffaele Sabbadini and the panel will be composed of Anna Segre, who will elaborate on persecution by the Nazis, and Gianfranco Goretti, who will focus on the fascist regime.

We will also show videos featuring interviews with Holocaust survivors along with readings by Roberto Attias.

Registration is necessary to participate to both events.