For more than three decades, Italy has been a country of immigration with more than 5 million foreigners, making up about 8.3% of the total population. They, however, do not enjoy full rights.

Given the lack of opportunities for non-EU migrants to enter and work legally they are likely to end up in the hands of traffickers who abuse, abduct and sometime torture them. More than 5,000 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2016.

The mainstream media presents the issue as an ongoing invasion fuelling fear and hostility among the public, with public officials increasingly exploiting this attitude for electoral gains.

Our work focuses on exposing abuses, exploitation and xenophobia and protecting the most vulnerable migrants living in the country.

With projects like Open Migration, we challenge stereotypes and clichés concerning immigrants who are partially, but still not fully, integrated into Italian society: with real-time data and constant fact-checking, our platform try to influence the direction of public opinion and policy by creating an informed and fact-based debate and affirming the dignity and rights of everyone.

Our Center for Legal Action provides policy analysis and legal information and assistance for the defense and promotion of the rights of the most vulnerable migrants with a particular focus on monitoring bilateral and multilateral agreements, unlawful detention, deportation, access to health, education and justice, discrimination on the basis of nationality.

Immigrants’s rights and detention: the sad end in the khlaifia’s case

On 2 December, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe officially closed the supervisory procedure for the implementation of measures ordered in the Khlaifia v. Italy judgment. of the European Court of Human Rights. ASGI,…