Some toolkits to overcome discrimination of Roma and Sinti

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Combating stereotypes and prejudices through knowledge of history, but also of the cultural elements that characterise Roma and Sinti. This is the way in which institutional discrimination against these people can be overcome.

This is why Associazione 21 Luglio, Sucar Drom, the University of Florence and the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights have worked on and published three toolkits aimed at teachers, social workers and policy-makers.

The publication of these materials is part of the RemAgainstDisc (Reinforcing historical memory of the Porrajmos to combat discrimination) project, funded by the European Union’s Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme. After conducting a research phase on the extermination of Roma and Sinti and bringing these materials into the renovated virtual museum “From Anti-Gypsyism to Genocide”, with these toolkits we move from historical memory to action.


Promoting an understanding of how current prejudice against Roma and Sinti has its roots in the historical treatment reserved for them by the Nazi and Fascist dictatorships, but also in the early years of the Republic, for example through the institution of special “Lacio Drom” classes, serves to increase knowledge of that period in order to overcome today’s prejudices. Promoting school policies that address institutional discrimination thus helps to foster the academic success of students.

Download the toolkit in Italian and English


Provide an adequate knowledge of how current prejudices derive from the period of Nazi-fascist dictatorships, in particular on the inadequacy of Roma mothers; ensure that this historical reconstruction, accompanied by a greater knowledge of some cultural elements, can go into the assessment made by these professionals on the welfare of Roma and Sinti children.

Download the toolkit in Italian and English


Raise awareness of how mega-camps in some Italian cities respond to the principles of concentration and exclusion practised during Nazi-fascism. Offer solutions to promote a different housing policy and guarantee the right to housing of Roma and Sinti people.

Download the toolkit in Italian and English