Salvini decree. The text of our speech at the Senate

Salvini Decree
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In these days the Houses of the Parliament are debating the draft-law no. 840, signing into law decree-law no. 113/2018 on immigration and public security.
The provisions included in the decree-law seriously affect several fundamental rights of those people who need protection, as well as the reception system and the integration path foreign people are allowed to take in Italy – as we explained in this article in the aftermath of the decree-law enactment by the President of the Republic.
The main novelties introduced by the decree are those concerning the abolition of the humanitarian protection, further norms regulating the denial and withdrawal of international protection, as well as the prolonged period of detention in Detention centres for repatriation. Nevertheless, the decree-law does not address only matters such as foreigners fundamental rights: it even amends legal provisions on urban security; subcontracting procedures and sale of confiscated property.

On the 15th of October we spoke at the Senate during the hearing on the abovementioned decree before the Commission on Constitutional Affairs (here you may find the video of our intervention). Among national experts heard on this issue, the National Authority for individuals detained or deprived of their liberty, ASGI and ARCI.
On that occasion, stressing that this measure intervenes on not homogenous issues, we reiterated our opposition to decree-law no.113/2018.
Here you may find the full text of our intervention.