The 19 Million Project: everyone can help

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It is called The 19 Million Project. It draws its name from the 19 million refugees that, in 2014, fled their countries to escape war, poverty and persecution.

Created by CILD and Chicas Poderosas, this event will pool together more than 100 human rights activists and media professionals to create multimedia products and extensive content like articles, maps and mini-documentaries. It shall be an all-round collaboration that tells all sides of the refugee emergency and in a new, more efficient and less biased way.

From today through November 13, we will join forces to make sense of what is happening on our borders, our beaches and across the Mediterranean Sea. Many questions remain unanswered. And they will stay unanswered unless we act.

If you can’t join us, you’ll still be able to give your contribution and leave your mark. Here’s how.

On the Donate page, you’ll find all the details as regards making your contribution. The funds raised will partly sustain the organisation of the event. The second part will be used by CILD to provide assistance to refugee reception centers throughout Italy.

You can share our articles and links posted on the websites and You can also share and leave comments on Facebook and Twitter: @CILD2014 e @19mmproject.

Have you read articles that explain the refugee emergency, the causes of the crisis and a new way of dealing with it in a clear and detailed way? Share them with us and we will add them to our reading list. Send us your photos, maps, data, graphs and articles at

Great things can only be built by working together. 


The 19 Million Project is a joint effort between CILD and Chicas Poderosas, and is sponsored by Univision and Fusion. Additional international partners include Google News Lab, Global Editors Network, Berkeley AMI and Valigia Blu.