Legal information

The project intends to offer information support, in some remote cases, for anyone who asks for help in the field of civil liberties. A sort of emergency legal aid, for a concrete action orientation of protection.

Strategic Litigation

When the only communication and lobbying is not enough, we support the judgment actions with strategic litigation by applying a working method that is born in the Anglo-Saxon world. Strategic litigation means take specific legal action capable of activating a regulatory change, promote awareness and debate around a theme, mobilizing public opinion, to push policy makers to overcome regulations that violate the fundamental rights of individuals.

Pro bono legal advice

Cild arrange a free legal aid service, as an interface between civil society organizations and lawyers. Requests may concern: legal opinions, statutory acts, comparative research or case law, legal and, in exceptional cases, translations, initiation of litigation.

Access to information

in 2016 a law on access to public information was passed (the type Freedom of Information Law, or FOIA). We monitor the implementation

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