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Report anonymously
Many of us might occasionally witness violations of human rights in our professional capacity or as private citizens. But what can be done about it when it is not possible to inform law enforcement?

On our website we provide the opportunity to report these violations in detail while protecting the safety and privacy of everyone involved. In order to guarantee safety, we use a thoroughly tested technological platform that has been implemented for whistleblowing around the world: GlobaLeaks. This is open source software developed by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights that allows us to establish completely anonymous and untraceable communication with whistleblowers. The portal uses HTTPS, an encryption protocol that guarantees the transfer of private data. To ensure the safest communication, it is necessary to install the TOR browser for anonymous browsing.

There are three ways to report a violation

You decide to identify yourself; the content of your report is not traceable or accessible by third parties. You can talk to us.

You choose not to identify yourself, but can still continue to communicate with us anonymously.

Your report is made through the Tor browser. This mode makes both the source and the report untraceable yet still leaves you the option of communicating with us confidentially or anonymously.

Under no circumstances will your identity (or other personal information) be forwarded without your consent.